What Are Emerald Cut Moissanite Engagement Rings?

Round cut, princess cut, oval cut... oh my! When it comes to the shape and style of an engagement ring, the options are truly endless. It may be overwhelming if you are starting to look for a ring with timeless beauty or if you are choosing to shop by shape - but don't worry -this is where we come in! In this article, we will look at emerald cut moissanite engagement rings and explore the timeless beauty of these featured collections.

What Makes an Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Unique?

Emerald cut moissanite engagement rings are unique for many different reasons. Although an emerald cut moissanite gemstone does not have the most "sparkle" as compared to other cuts of engagement rings, it has an elegant, understated beauty which makes it so unique. To start, the shape of the stones allow for the hand and fingers of the person wearing the engagement ring to look elongated. When starting to shop for an engagement ring, many people tend to keep this in mind as they are looking for something that will flatter their shape, ring size, and size of hand and fingers. As you may be starting to shop by shape, it is important to know and keep in mind what you think will look best on you or your partner. Emerald cut moissanite engagement rings are unique and special as they have the ability to elongate and lengthen shorter fingers, and look beautiful and slender on longer fingers.

In addition, they are a great optical illusion for those who are looking to purchase gemstones which appear bigger than their counterparts of the same carat and weight. This means that because the gemstones may be more shallow but have a larger surface area, they appear bigger than gemstones of the same carat that may be thicker and smaller. Therefore, this style of gemstones is great for those who want to portray that their engagement ring is larger than what they actually paid for. Overall there are many benefits and reasons why emerald cut moissanite engagement rings are so unique!

        Stunning silver emerald cut diamond ring resting on granite white counter

What Type of Hand Do Emerald Cut Moissanite Engagement Rings Look Best On?

Many people shop for engagement rings by the number of stones on the ring ( 3 stone, etc), and also shop by color, shape and metal. But did you know that the type of hand which will be wearing the ring also plays a role in helping you decide on which ring to buy? As buying an engagement ring will be one of the most important and frequently worn pieces of jewelry in your lifetime, you will want to make sure the shape and style of ring you are buying is flattering on your finger.

That being said, emerald cut engagement rings are the perfect choice for those who have long and slender fingers as the shape of the ring is long and rectangular, which gives the illusion of an elongated finger. Long and slim fingers are also able to carry a thicker band, giving more options to those who are choosing to customize their engagement ring.

Is This Style of Engagement Ring Popular?

Yes! Emerald cut moissanite engagement rings are extremely popular, and have been gaining more and more popularity over the years. Made famous by numerous celebrities, mainly Jennifer Lopez, this style of fine jewelry has become a top choice for celebrities, and in turn, millions of other people around the world. Partly due to the fact the cut of the stone makes the diamond appear bigger, combined with the elongated look it gives fingers, it really is a ring which is incredibly beautiful. Influenced by the creativity from celebrities, some people are choosing to have three stone engagement rings rather than one stand alone gemstone. The great thing about emerald cut moissanite engagement rings is that they are easy to customize, ensuring that you are truly getting the ring that has been on your wish list.

         5 silver rings placed on ring finger. Emerald, Oval, Round and Princess diamond ring cuts included.

How Do I Keep Moissanite Stone Engagement Rings Clean?

The best part about emerald cut moissanite engagement rings is that they are so easy to care for! Many people are surprised, thinking that they may require a greater upkeep than diamonds or other gemstones, but that is just not the case and they are so easy to clean at home. All that is required is some warm water, a soft bristle toothbrush or cloth and some dish soap. Simply mix the water and soap together and place your engagement ring in the bowl to soak for a short period of time. Then, use the cloth or soft bristle toothbrush to clean all corners of the gemstones, including the band. A bonus of an emerald cut ring is that they are easy to clean due to their large surface area! Finish cleaning your jewelry by using a clean cloth to polish the stones. This is important to minimize any lasting residue, and will guarantee a lasting brilliance and sparkle! It is also important to note that because the crystalline structure of moissanite is different from diamonds, moissanite engagement rings only need to be cleaned roughly once a month!

I Would Like to Pair My Emerald Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring With A Metal Wedding Band. What Type of Metal Looks Best with Emerald Cut Engagement Rings? And What Style of Wedding Band Will Look Best?

In order to let the beauty of the emerald shaped gemstone truly shine, it is recommended to purchase a wedding band in the same metal as your engagement ring. For example, if your emerald cut moissanite engagement ring is made out of yellow gold, then it would be recommended to buy your wedding band in yellow gold as well. Although buying two toned wedding and engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular, we think the emerald cut ring is a powerful statement piece, not to be outdone by mixing metals. We can confirm that emerald cut moissanite engagement rings and wedding bands look amazing in platinum gold, yellow gold and white gold - all amazing choices for your dream ring. We recommend choosing a wedding band which is either very slim and dainty, or a chunky eternity band with baguettes, depending on how glam you would like to go. Both are stunning choices! However at the end of the day you need to be sure that you are happy with the ring combinations and metals you will be using - after all, it is your dream ring that you will be purchasing!