Forever One vs. Ice Moissanite Stones

We are delighted to announce the launch of Charles & Colvard to Moissanites by Livia! Selling a fantastic line of Forever One Moissanite jewellery, we are excited to now stock their engagement rings online and in-store. Charles & Colvard created Moissanite jewellery as a staple for every special moment, in turn creating a product which is superior to other Moissanite stones. Therefore, if you are looking for a brilliant gemstone to include in your engagement ring, look no further than the Moissanite engagement rings created by Charles & Colvard! In this article, we will further explore the Forever One line, and dive deep into the differences between the Forever One line by Charles & Colvard and the Ice Moissanite engagement ring collection from Moissanites by Livia.

Who are Charles & Colvard?

Charles & Colvard are fine jewellery makers of over 20 years, producing absolutely stunning lab grown diamond jewellery of all sorts. As the original creator of Moissanite, Charles & Colvard have ultimately redefined and created Moissanite jewellery into a brand of it's own. They have three unique lines of man made diamonds: Forever One, Caydia Lab Grown Diamonds and their own original line. Charles & Colvard are experts when it comes to making beautiful lab grown diamonds, produced from high quality material such as silicon carbide. As they have been in business for over 20 years, Charles & Colvard have perfected the art of designing, creating and polishing lab grown diamonds. They are looking to redefine the jewellery industry, highlighting the fact that people can find their perfect piece of jewellery while being conscientious and accessible, all while at an affordable price.

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Using the world's most brilliant gem, Moissanite, Charles & Colvard have created lines of jewellery using the same high quality material as their own original line. Specifically, the Forever One Moissanite they have created through a patented process using silicon carbide material produces a lab created Moissanite that is superior to the other lab grown diamonds that are on the market. It should also be noted that all jewellery produced by Charles & Colvard are made using responsibly sourced metals. This means that you can enjoy the beauty and brilliance of your jewellery without having to second guess that the jewellery you are wearing is unethical in any way.

What is "Forever One?"

Forever One by Charles & Colvard is a trade name for the world's first colourless Moissanite, making all their jewellery beautiful statement pieces. Because the Forever One Moissanite by Charles & Colvard is leading the lab grown diamond industry, they have perfected the art of turning silicon carbide into a beautiful lab created diamond and have created a consistent product which put their products into demand. At the heart of the Forever One Moissanite Canada diamonds are engineering, design and craftsmanship, which makes for a great combination when paired when the patented process. It should also be noted that because the gemstones are created using natural materials within the patented process, the gemstones are nearly free of micropipes (small defects within the gemstone). Not to forget, all jewellery comes with a limited lifetime warranty which protects against damage to your Moissanite stone!

Forever One lab grown diamonds also score much higher in the colour, clarity, cut, brilliance, fire and hardness categories compared to other gemstones. Regardless of trending styles and best selling lab grown diamonds, the Forever One diamonds score much higher in all categories. For example, the Forever One diamonds score a brilliance range of 2.65-2.69. This is due to the proprietary faceting and "Revolutionary Cuts" process which has been trademarked. The fire of the Forever One diamonds score a 0.104 - nearly two and a half times that of natural diamonds, which means it has an unbelievable ability to disperse the light that hits the gemstone. Beyond this, the Forever One stones score a range of 9.25-9.50 on the Moh's scale of hardness - this is compared to a score of 10 for natural diamonds. The Moissanite stone is the second hardest gemstone right after diamonds, which is why Charles and Colvard guarantee their gemstones to last forever.

What is the Difference Between "Forever One" and "Ice Moissanite?"

There are a few differences between our Ice Moissanites and Forever One Moissanites by Charles & Colvard. Let's take a look at the differences between the two gemstones.

Ice Moissanite

Ice Moissanite is arguably the most popular type of gemstone following natural diamonds. This type of lab grown diamond provides customers with the ability to purchase perfect, ethical gemstones which look and act like diamonds. When purchasing an ice Moissanite gemstone, customers can rest assured that every stone they will be getting is perfect as they are man made and they will be ethically sourced. In it's natural form, Moissanite is extremely rare to find. It was discovered in 1893 by a French scientist called Henri Moissan who found the stone in a creator created by a meteor. Today, scientists have perfected the art of creating Moissanite in a lab, creating stunning jewellery out of the latest styles and exclusive fashion trends. Ice Moissanite jewellery is also extremely popular as the price tag is not nearly as high as natural diamonds. This makes ice Moissanite affordable yet stunning.

Forever One Moissanite

Forever One is the name which Charles and Colvard have trademarked for their lab grown diamonds. The Forever One Moissanite diamond is unique and quite frankly unmatched to other Moissanite diamonds on the market, as these diamonds are created and grown using a patented process, resulting in man made diamonds which are far superior to any other Moissanite diamonds on the market. They are then cut using a revolutionary process unique to Charles and Colvard titled "Revolutionary Cut," which uses unique specifications to ensure that the fire and brilliance of these stones are like no other. With unbelievable brilliance, fire, hardness and sparkle, Forever One Moissanite diamonds are sure to be the same in 50 years as they are today.

We are so excited to now be carrying Forever One Moissanite diamonds by Charles & Colvard. If you are starting to think about purchasing an engagement ring, contact us for a detailed overview of the product line and we will be happy to help.