The Difference between Ice Moissanite & Forever One Moissanite Engagement Rings

When you're looking for the perfect ring to display the commitment you have to your soon-to-be spouse, moissanite engagement rings should be one of your top choices. Moissanite is a lab-grown gem that is beautiful to behold. It has stunning characteristics that are completely different from anything found in other gemstones, including diamonds. They are also a cost-effective option to many other engagement rings.

Moissanites provide value for the money and there are different types available. Whether you choose ice moissanite or Forever One moissanite engagement rings, you'll be happy with your selection. In order to give you more data so that you can make a more informed choice about moissanite engagement rings, we have prepared a brief guide that tells you the difference between these two stones.

Ice Moissanite for Moissanite Rings in Toronto

Ice moissanite is made up of silicon carbide while diamonds are composed of carbon. When most people think of diamonds they picture an incredibly strong stone since diamonds are the most durable gemstones available for engagement rings. Ice moissanite comes in at a close second, however, and for the price you'll be paying these gems provide wonderful value for the money.

Moissanite by Livia uses ice moissanite that is in a top-tier category without a costly price tag. While moissanite has a lot of resemblance to a diamond, there are certain characteristics in moissanite that can't be found in diamonds. Many of the round cut moissanite rings provide an amazing fire and brilliance that is quite unbelievable.

The brilliance in ice moissanite engagement rings shows up as a colourless sparkle while the fire offers more of a rainbow effect. It is possible to find moissanite stones that provide both a stunning fire along with an incredible brilliance. When you're looking for an engagement ring that will be a show-stopper and sure to impress, ice moissanite is the way to go.

Ethically Sourced Ice Moissanite

Ice moissanite offers an alternative to mined diamonds that are pulled from the earth. This moissanite is grown in a lab since it is rare to find. It was discovered years ago by a French scientist named Henri Moissan and the stone was subsequently named after him. He found the moissanite inside a meteorite-created crater in 1893 and since that time technology has evolved and the same type of stone can be created in a lab. It can be quite difficult to find craters that were formed by meteorites in order to get a moissanite from the earth.

Any person that is worried about the environment and the effect of diamond mining on it can choose to wear moissanite rings without any guilt. These stones are grown ethically in labs. Many diamonds, on the other hand, are coming from areas in the world that are struggling with conflicts.

Ice moissanite provides the person wearing the engagement ring with a luxurious feeling. As well, these stones are much more affordable than their diamond counterparts, making them the perfect gemstone to be included in engagement rings.

When you're looking for the glamourous look of a diamond but are working on a budget, ice moissanite engagement rings are the perfect solution. Once they have been cut and then faceted, moissanite is the most brilliant gemstone in the world.

Forever One Moissanite

Forever One is the trade name for an unparalleled moissanite that is offered at a price point that is accessible. Forever One stones are guaranteed to keep their brilliance for life. These stones are premium moissanites that have been created and then cut and faceted by a company called Charles & Colvard. They have been grown in a way that uses a patented process and the quality is superior to the quality that you'd find in other brands of moissanites. When you're looking for the best of the best in terms of moissanite engagement rings, Forever One is the way to go.

Forever One moissanites came to life following 25 years of intensive innovation. Every gemstone has been graded to meet the specific high standards that have been set by Charles & Colvard. You can witness this in the amazing craftsmanship of each stone. Forever One moissanite engagement rings are available only in near colourless colourless grades. The clarity range on these stones are the equivalent of VS1 to flawless internally. They have also been graded to have an excellent symmetry, polish and cut.

Moissanites Are the Perfect Alternative to Diamonds

When you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring and are on a limited budget, consider the many benefits of investing in moissanite rings. These are fashionable rings that really make a statement and they look luxurious and elegant sitting on any finger. Since moissanite engagement rings are priced cheaper than diamond engagement rings, you can end up with a larger stone for your money with all other things being equal.

It’s not possible for everyone to be able to afford to get a one carat diamond ring for a proposal. For many, it is simply out of the realm of possibility due to budget limitations. If you want to get one of the best rings that money can buy for your soon-to-be spouse, moissanite engagement rings are the perfect answer.

More and more people are wearing different gemstones in their engagement rings. While diamonds are still a popular choice, other gemstones such as moissanites, rubies, emeralds and many others are making their way onto the scene and trending in 2021.

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