Why You Should Be Shopping for Ethical Engagement Rings

Ethical engagement rings are linked to responsible and transparent sourcing of the materials to make the rings. These types of engagement rings have an impact that is minimal on the environment and are not associated with any type of conflict. When you purchase ethical rings, you'll know that you are supporting workers that are provided with safe working environments and fair wages.

It's easy to be extremely impressed with luxurious engagement rings that are adorned with huge diamonds that sparkle brilliantly. It's important to take a look at these rings from a different viewpoint, however, and consider the sustainability and ethics behind the diamond industry. In most cases, diamonds are mined unsustainably in some of the poorest regions on earth.

Transparency is hard to find in the overall jewelry industry since the gemstones are usually mined in a certain country, sent to another country for processing and then make their way to another country to be turned into jewelry. The typical supply chain for diamond jewelry would look like this:

  • Exploration and mining

  • Sorting

  • Cutting and polishing

  • Creation of jewelry

  • Inspections and certifications

  • Sale of the rings

When you purchase ethical engagement rings, however, there is transparency in the supply chain. The gemstones should be marked with the name of the lab where they were grown and then the rest of the supply chain can be determined. There are labs situated in North America that grow moissanite stones, so you'll know that there is no unethical labour involved in creating them. Transparency is key when it comes to recognizing the sustainability and ethical background of any gemstone.

Ethical Moissanite

Moissanite was first discovered decades ago when a scientist ran across a crater that was created by a meteor that fell to the earth. This gem was examined thoroughly and the components of it recorded. As a result, scientists have been able to re-create the moissanite in lab conditions and it is a fiery, brilliant stone that closely resembles a diamond.

Ethical moissanite is one of the stones you should consider first when you're looking for ethical engagement rings. When you buy a ring that can be listed as sustainable and ethical, you'll be doing your part to keep the planet alive and can wear your ring with pride for the rest of your life.

Why Mined Diamonds Are Unethical

Approximately 250 tons of dirt and earth must be shifted in order to discover a single carat diamond. With about 148 million diamond carats being discovered in the earth per year, you can see how this can have a devastating effect on our planet. The mines that are being used are so big that they can be viewed from space. This is the type of mining that is done to source diamonds and there are a lot of ethical questions that should be considered before choosing the right engagement ring for your finger. You’ll want to have a clear conscience when wearing this ring so that it can be fully appreciated.

Human Displacement

There are at least 100 million people employed in the jewelry industry across the world and most of them are living in areas that are economically depressed. As well, large mines are associated with displacement and resettlement issues for residents living close by. Mining companies have control over large chunks of land that include not only the mines themselves but also the roads and major transportation corridors that lead to them. These roads also displace many inhabitants in the local areas.

Chemical Hazards

Cyanide is commonly used in the jewelry industry, and it is one of the most toxic substances for mankind. Mercury is used to mine gold with many workers being exposed to the metal. Mercury poisoning can lead to several debilitating conditions and even death.

Environmental Changes Due to Diamond Mining

The biodiversity of the local areas is diminished due to the mining efforts with soils becoming degraded and the mines negatively impacting water quality. Both wildlife and humans can be drastically affected by all these changes.

Child Labour and Mines

Mining operations that work on a smaller scale are employing at least 1 million children in the industry. These youngsters are working in unsafe conditions and are exposed to dangerous particles on a long-term basis. There are also recorded instances of forced labour and child trafficking within the industry.

These children are subject to developing irreversible conditions that will last a lifetime and may have accidents when working in the mines. Documented cases of child labour that have been deemed hazardous have been recorded in the following countries:

  • Ghana

  • Nigeria

  • Uganda

  • Tanzania

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • Zimbabwe

  • Mali

  • The Philippines

Historical Lands Impacted by Mining

When choosing your ring, think of ethical engagement rings first due to the impact that mining has on historical lands. Recently an aboriginal site that was 46,000 years old was destroyed in Australia. Mining companies have been developed for business purposes and don't always take into account the history behind the land they are digging up.

Moissanite Wedding Rings Toronto

These are just some of the many reasons why you should be considering ethical engagement rings. When you want a ring that looks like a diamond but has a more sustainable and ethical history to it, think of moissanite engagement rings first. Moissanite is a hard stone that can pass the test of time and many brides-to-be prefer the look of this stone over diamonds.

Moissanite has a fire that cannot be matched by any other gemstone. When you look at moissanite engagement rings and try them on you'll think that you're wearing a rainbow on your finger! Take the time to look into ethical moissanite rings as an alternative to diamonds based not only on the ethical approach to creating the stones but also for their dazzling beauty.

You can view amazing, handcrafted moissanite engagement rings on our website at moissanitesbylivia.com. You can also feel free to get in touch with us through the contact form on the site if you have any questions about the rings, you see there or the moissanite stones used to make them.