Are Rose Gold Engagement Rings Trendy in 2022?

Are Rose Gold Engagement Rings Trendy in 2022?

If you are in the market for an engagement ring, you may be overwhelmed at all of the options that are available to you. You may be thinking "does my partner like a center diamond? Or a princess cut diamond? Does my partner even like diamonds? Or maybe they want a lab grown diamond instead? What is on their wish list? Do I have to consider a wedding band too? Rose gold or white gold?" All of these questions are normal and part of the process. If you know your partner will like an elegant ring that is a timeless choice with a modern twist, you may want to consider a rose gold engagement ring. Becoming increasingly more popular, rose gold engagement rings are starting to make a name for themselves as they are unique while also having that thoughtful romantic touch.

What Exactly is a Rose Gold Engagement Ring?

You may be wondering what exactly rose gold engagement rings are, as they look like neither gold or silver. Very similarly to yellow gold, rose gold contains a mixture of various metals, however a greater amount of copper is added to the mixture in order to produce the rose gold rings that we love today. Many couples who are looking for engagement rings but want a unique appearance will often opt for a rose gold engagement ring, as it has the same durability as other platinum gold or silver rings but with more personality.

It should be noted that because rose gold engagement rings are made up of various types of metals, extra attention must be paid when cleaning your rose gold metal engagement ring. Vinegar or soap and water are great options to consider when looking to clean your rose gold ring, while regular polishing with a polishing cloth every few months is recommended in order to keep your rose gold ring always shining. If maintained properly, your rose gold rings will last a lifetime.

What Metals Can be Paired with a Rose Gold Engagement Ring?

If you are interested in rose gold engagement rings or custom creating your own rose gold rings, you may be interested in mixing and matching metals from a metal shop in order to create your perfect choice of a rose gold engagement ring. If this is the case, you may be wondering which metals go best with rose gold. 

Simply speaking, rose gold goes great with every type of metal. This being said, it also depends on the type of vibe and style of engagement ring you are looking for. For example, rose gold and platinum gold are a great pair and look great when worn together. Both platinum gold and rose gold bring out the bright undertones in both, making the ring bright, eye catching and a statement piece. On the contrary, rose gold engagement rings which include white gold bring out the cool undertone of each other, which is a perfect choice if you are looking for an understated yet gorgeous ring. Because rose gold metal is comprised of various types of metals from a metal shop, it will pick up notes and tones from whatevermetal it is paired with, making it the perfect metal for your engagement ring if you are looking to incorporate other metals into it.

Will I Get Sick of my Rose Gold Rings?

No! Rose gold engagement rings are a one of the kind soft statement piece that you won't get sick of. Visually, the soft pink of a rose gold ring is very classic and appealing and is not a trend that will simply fall to the way side. Those who love rose gold rings are truly drawn to rose gold for their engagement rings and this is a preference that will not fade easily.

Mythically, many people see rose gold engagement rings as the ultimate symbol of love, as the blush pink of the rose gold lends to femininity, whimsical feelings and true love. For these reasons alone, you will never get sick of your rose gold engagement ring, 

What Type of Diamond or Gemstone Will Look Best with my Rose Gold Engagement Ring?

If you are wondering if a brilliant diamond or vintage gemstone will look best in your rose gold engagement ring, you are in luck because all of the above will look amazing! Regardless of the cut (emerald cut diamond or round diamond for example) or the type of gemstones used (lab grown diamonds, white diamonds, ruby stones or emerald stones) they are all going to look gorgeous in your rose gold ring. Stones such as a round diamond, center diamond/classic solitaire or white diamonds tend to have great wear, styles and largest collection of options for you to choose from. Not to mention the best sparkle and reflection off of the rose gold engagement rings for a reasonable price.

Are Rose Gold Wedding Bands Popular?

Prior to 2022, many couples were opting for a rose gold engagement ring only; however this has since shifted and many people are starting to choose rose gold for their wedding bands as well. Choosing rose gold for the wedding bands can be a great compliment to the rose gold engagement ring as they will look like a full set together and will truly compliment one another. Many people today are loving the look and setting of this elegant ring and we expect this trend to really take shape and become even more popular in the upcoming months.

Overall, rose gold engagement rings are a trend that we love. As we said before, rose gold rings can be for either an engagement ring or wedding bands, and can come with any gemstones or setting you can imagine. With proper cleaning and care your rose gold engagement ring will be a cherished piece in your own jewelry collection. If you would like to know more about the rose gold engagement rings we have at Moissanites by Livia, please contact us and we will be happy to make you an appointment.