Cushion Cut Moissanite Rings: Everything You Need to Know

So you are in the market for an engagement ring - congratulations! Regardless if you are starting to look at engagement rings for yourself to get a feel for what style catches your eye or if you are starting to looking for your partners dream ring, you have come to the right place! Many people are drawn to cushion cut moissanite engagement rings for their timeless and stunning setting, so today we will be taking a deeper dive into this specific piece of jewelry.

To Start, What is Moissanite?

Moissanite is a man made gemstone which looks like a diamond, but is not a diamond! In fact, moissanite has an interesting history that should definitely not be overlooked. Approximately 100 years ago, French scientist Henri Moissan discovered a meteor crater in Arizona and instantly thought the gemstones left in the wake of the crater were diamonds. However, he quickly realized that they were not diamonds, but something new entirely... and moissanite was born! Because moissanite in its natural form is extremely hard and rare to find, the majority of people choose to buy lab grown moissanite. It should be noted that lab grown moissanite has an amazing shine, colour, and brilliance that gives real diamonds a run for their money. Because of the similarities between the two stones, may people will choose moissanite over diamonds or other gemstones because they are lower maintenance and more cost effective, without having to sacrifice the clarity or shine that comes with a natural diamond.

What is Better About Moissanite Engagement Rings than Diamond Engagement Rings?

Custom jewler inspecting moissanite ring

Although the moissanite stone used today is man made, a moissanite engagement ring is truly remarkable and mimics all of the appealing factors diamond stones have, while being durable and perfect for everyday wear without causing environmental harm or human rights violations.

Many individuals and couples are choosing to shift to moissanite jewelry, wedding bands and moissanite rings, as the harsh reality of diamond mining has become top of mind for many people around the world as it is extremely cruel. When purchasing a diamond, you will pay a hefty price for a stone that has violated the human rights of the miners and workers, while causing extreme environmental damage, in addition to benefiting war and terrorism. This is not glamorous and is not something people want to think about when shopping for such a special piece of jewelry, but the reality is is that is the hard truth behind diamond mining.

Beyond these reasons, many people are choosing to opt for moissanite engagement rings as they are easy to care for and require less of an upkeep than their diamond counterparts, who need more TLC in order to keep the sparkle last longer. The crystalline structure of a moissanite stone is different from that of loose diamonds, meaning that lab grown diamonds are less likely to build up grime, dirt and dullness over time and therefore only require a cleaning of once a week to keep your unique ring looking sharp and beautiful. Talk about a low maintenance engagement ring!

What Does the term "Cushion Cut" Mean?

When referencing an engagement ring, the term cushion cut refers to the shape and style of the gemstone. Traditionally, the gemstone in a cushion cut ring has rounded corners, and numerous style facets. This means that the cut of the ring gives off a beautiful shine and extra sparkle when the light hits it, and looks like the shape of a pillow. The beauty of cushion cut rings is that no two rings are the same as they are so intricate, making them the perfect style for those looking for custom engagement rings.

Cushion cut moissanite engagement rings also look incredible with one gemstone, or can be paired with a hidden halo around the gemstone. Either way, cushion cut moissanite engagement rings are beautiful for those looking for a statement piece with great shine and sparkle.

What Makes Cushion Cut Rings so Great?

Regardless if you choose to have your moissanite jewelry or moissanite engagement rings in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum, your dream ring is going to look amazing. Cushion cut rings are so versatile that regardless of the type of stone or metal you choose to use, your ring will look beautiful. Another reason why cushion cut engagement rings are so great is because there is less demand for them in comparison to round cut engagement rings. If you were looking to buy a round cut engagement ring, you will pay a higher price as this is the most popular type of ring. Therefore, as cushion cut rings are not as in demand, you will pay a smaller fee. However, it is important to keep in mind that cushion cut rings have started to increase in popularity again so now is the time to buy your dream ring!

Another reason why cushion cut moissanite engagement rings are so great, is because of their round corners. When shopping for their wedding bands or engagement rings, many people become starstruck with the thought of finally getting their dream ring from the love of their life. However, it is important to remember that once the excitement wears off, you will be wearing this piece of fine jewelry for the rest of you life, so therefore it is so important that you get a ring you are guaranteed to love, wear, and be proud of, while taking minimum trips to the jeweller to have your ring serviced. Many other shapes and styles of rings have sharp or pointed edges, which, if you are not careful, can catch or bump again things. This can lead to chipped or shattered stones or engagement rings which can be a major stressor if you have a limited lifetime warranty. However, you will not have that problem with cushion cut rings! As the edges are rounded, your ring will not snag or catch on anything, ensuring your ring will keep its beauty and last a lifetime with little to no trips to the jeweller.

If you are interested in creating custom moissanite engagement rings, or would like to see the cushion cut rings we have available, please contact us today for an appointment where we will be happy to show you all of our moissanite rings!