Finding the Perfect Sparkle for Love on the Spectrum's Leading Ladies


  • This blog introduces the leading ladies of the hit TV show Love on the Spectrum
  • Dani's engagement ring suggestions from our experts at Moissanites by Livia include a timeless round-cut solitaire diamond ring, highlighting her joyful spirit and charm
  • Abbey's love of fairytale princesses suggests engagement ring recommendations such as an emerald cut diamond or a vintage style ring
  • For Kaelynn's vibrant personality, we suggest an engagement ring which has a colourful gemstone or a unique moissanite stone aligning with her personality
  • Chloe's romantic nature is matched with understated yet beautiful rings like hexagons, cushion cuts, or marquise-cut gemstones, capturing her grace and poise
  • Maddi's modern outlook inspires contemporary designs like oval-cut rings with diamond-encrusted bands, reflecting her forward-thinking attitude
Abbey and David from Love on the Spectrum smiling at the camera
Photo from Courtesy of NETFLIX © 2023

The heart-pounding moments in the dating docuseries Love on the Spectrum are not just about the twists and turns of its romantic stars, but also the introspective reflections that accompany the show. As the show focuses on showcasing love in its purest form, it also invites the audience to contemplate the intricacies of human connection. Selecting an engagement ring that resonates with each individual on the autism spectrum is a profound aspect of any relationship, and what could express “I love you” more beautifully than diamonds? In this blog, we will explore the engagement rings that we think would be a perfect choice for the main stars of Love on the Spectrum, taking into account their character and preferences. Continue reading to learn more.

The Perfect Choice for Dani, Star of Love on the Spectrum

As Dani has a joyful spirit, her kind-hearted and sincere personality should be reflected in the engagement ring her boyfriend chooses. On a simple band, a round-cut solitaire diamond would complement Dani's classic charm and timeless elegance. Dani exudes an innate gentleness and therefore, choosing a ring that has a small yet delicate setting would be just right. Dani would find this selection both beautiful and practical since it suits her busy nature.

If given the choice, we think Dani would gravitate towards our ZARA MOISSANITE ENGAGEMENT RING or our TULIP MOISSANITE ENGAGEMENT RING, as they both reflect a timeless elegance that cannot go out of style. These rings are the perfect addition to a proposal regardless of the season or location (for examples on the steps of the Beverly Hills City Hall to the specific location of a first date), as they both have a classic style that is so versatile.

Abbey's Perfect Engagement Ring, Fit for a Princess

Those who are familiar with Abbey from Love on the Spectrum, will know that Abbey has a beautiful voice, a keen eye for detail, an innate love for all things beautiful and a big heart with the dream to live a life straight out of a fairytale (fans will remember her romantic trip to Africa with boyfriend David, his mom and his two sisters Ali and Aubrey!). Because of this, we think Abbey would appreciate a beautiful emerald-cut diamond engagement ring or a unique, one-of-a-kind vintage-style ring that would compliment her unique personality and individuality. Both of these designs are focused on the particular details of the cut and have an old-world charm that would resonate with Abbey and her love of princesses and romance. We think that the distinct lines and facets in an emerald-shaped engagement ring would be something that she would find beautiful.

For Abbey, we would recommend our EAST-WEST EMERALD MOISSANITE ENGAGEMENT RING or our ELAINE MOISSANITE ENGAGEMENT RING, as they both offer the perfect balance of elegance and uniqueness that would suit her character perfectly.

Kaelynn from Love on the Spectrum hugging her date
Photo: NETFLIX © 2023

Kaelynn's Vibrant Engagement Ring Recommendations

Fans who have watched season two of Love on the Spectrum will remember Kaelynn; known for her youthful spirit and love of colours, we think the engagement ring perfect for Kaelynn has to be unique and as vibrant as her personality. A growing trend among couples and celebrities alike is the use of coloured gemstones in their engagement rings as the main focal point of their ring. We think Kaelynn would be drawn to a sapphire or emerald gemstone, or one of our moissanite engagement rings in a unique cut as they are ethical yet captivating.

Out of our collection at Moissanites by Livia, we think Kaelynn would be drawn to our HAZEL MOISSANITE ENGAGEMENT RING or our TIARA MOISSANITE ENGAGEMENT RING, as they both are unique, fun and capture the essence of Kaelynn's personality.

The Ideal Engagement Ring to Compliment Chloe's Timeless Charm

For fans of the show who have been following along from the beginning, they will remember Chloe; a popular cast member full of grace, and poise, with a deeply romantic soul. An engagement ring that would best suit Chloe and her charm would be one that is understated and soft, yet remarkably beautiful. Gemstones which are hexagon, cushion cut or marquise cut would be the perfect engagement ring style for Chloe as they are all romantic choices that offer a subtle twist to the classic ring styles. These choices are both timeless and unique and are beautiful on the finger as they give the illusion of fingers which are longer and slimmer.

We think the perfect ring for Chloe would be our HOPE MOISSANITE ENGAGEMENT RING or THE "RAIN" RING MOISSANITE ENGAGEMENT as they are both stunning, unique, simple yet jaw-dropping; a true wonder to the eye.

The Best Engagement Ring to Reflect Maddi's Style

Maddi, who will make the perfect girlfriend someday due to her modern outlook and approach to life, deserves an engagement ring which speaks to her individuality. We think that Maddi would gravitate towards a contemporary ring that has a twist to it, such as an oval cut with a diamond-encrusted band, as a ring with this design would reflect her forward-thinking attitude. A bonus to this style of cut is that the elongated shape offers a larger surface area than its round counterparts, which creates the illusion of a bigger diamond. This way, Maddi's boyfriend could spend enough money which he is comfortable with, while Maddi would receive the ring of her dreams. This design is both practical and beautiful, which matches perfectly with Maddi's understated yet sophisticated style.

We think Maddi would fall in love with our LYDIA MOISSANITE ENGAGEMENT RING and LUCIDIA MOISSANITE ENGAGEMENT RING, as they are both unique and one of a kind, complementing Maddi's style.

Overall, it becomes clear that each ring which suits the leading ladies on Love on the Spectrum is not just a piece of jewelry, but a true reflection of their unique styles and personalities. From Dani's timeless elegance to Abbey's love of fairytale romance, Kaelynn's vibrant spirit, Chloe's romantic soul and Maddi's modern outlook on life, we believe every ring which we recommended embodies the essence of each cast member. As viewers watching the show, we are reminded that love knows no bounds, and it embraces and celebrates the individuality of each person. If you are looking for the perfect engagement ring for that special someone, contact us today and we will be happy to help you on your journey.