Moissanites or Diamonds: What We Think Travis Kelce Will Propose to Taylor Swift With


  • The anticipation surrounding Travis Kelce's proposal to Taylor Swift has sparked widespread speculation about the gemstone he will choose for her engagement ring.
  • Moissanite engagement rings are gaining popularity due to their brilliance and ethical considerations, making them a modern and stunning option for couples.
  • Travis may opt for a moissanite ring to align with Taylor's values and active lifestyle, offering both beauty and durability.
  • Alternatively, a classic diamond engagement ring would complement Taylor's vintage yet modern style while symbolizing timeless love and commitment.
  • Travis might also consider a unique option like a ruby stone, symbolizing passion and strength, offering a nod to Taylor's Red album and their shared experiences.


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Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift kissing in a club PHOTO: MIKE KIRSCHBAUM

Taylor Swift Engagement Ring

As their romance and engagement rumours continue to dominate every social media and news channel around the world, the question on everyone's mind is "What kind of gemstone will Travis Kelce propose to Taylor Swift with?" As there are many different types of gemstones available for engagement rings, the world cannot stop talking about what the extraordinary ring exclusively made for Taylor will look like. As we wait for the first glimpse of the chosen engagement ring, our expert jewellers have weighed in on the type of gemstones they anticipate the Kansas City Chiefs tight end may propose with. Continue reading to find out more.

Moissanite Engagement Ring

The first gemstone option that we think the Taylor Swift engagement ring could be is a stunning moissanite gemstone. Around the world, Moissanite engagement rings have been increasing in popularity, due to their stunning brilliance and ethical practices. Couples looking to get engaged have been drawn to this gemstone, as not only are they beautiful and have sparkle and fire to that of natural diamonds, but they are a stunning option for couples to use to commit their love to one another while reflecting a beautiful and modern future.

As choosing (or designing) engagement rings and the accompanying gemstones is deeply personal, the New England Patriots NFL star may choose a moissanite ring to align with Taylor's values and yearning for a better and kinder world. Beyond this, moissanite gemstones rate extremely high on the Mohs Scale, which is imperative for an active lifestyle, such as Taylor Swift's. The pop star must be able to wear her ring proudly, without having to worry about it becoming damaged during her many sets, shows and tours, making moissanite a great option. Opting for a moissanite gemstone would make for a truly extraordinary ring, as it would be a beautiful symbol of the relationship that Swift and Kelce have while reflecting many of Taylor's values.

Diamond Engagement Ring

When choosing engagement rings, another gemstone option Travis Kelce may go with is a vibrant diamond. As a classic option, a diamond engagement ring aligns perfectly with Taylor's vintage yet modern style and is versatile enough that it will go with any outfit or costume, and is a timeless symbol of love and commitment which are both qualities the most renowned couple in the world is known for. For years, diamond engagement rings have been a favourite for many couples, as they are a classic symbol of love for one another. For many couples, the appeal of these gemstones goes beyond their hardness, durability and brilliance into practical benefits; a diamond engagement ring will always retain its value over time, so many couples view it as a savvy investment. Because of these factors, many people choose a diamond gemstone when choosing engagement rings.

Another reason why Travis Kelce may decide to choose a diamond engagement ring is the undeniable parallel between Swift's music and a flawless diamond; transparent clarity and a radiant sparkle left so clearly obvious to anyone who comes across either. Beyond this, Taylor Swift's good friend, Keleigh Sperry, has a beautiful diamond engagement ring, which may prompt Travis to reach out to her husband Miles Teller for advice and recommendations.

Photo by Karina Thomson on Unsplash


Ruby Stone Engagement Ring

Another stone that Travis Kelce may choose for the singer is an unconventional yet meaningful option; a ruby stone. Rubies are known and loved for their deep red hue, which symbolizes passion and strength of the heart, which aligns with the passion Kelce and Swift bring in both their professional and personal lives. Because rubies are a rare and unique gemstone, the specialty of this type of stone would be a unique celebration of the couple's love. This would be a more unique option compared to other gemstones that are available and would also be a beautiful nod to her Red album and the Kansas City Chiefs. It has also been said that rubies are believed to bring protection and prosperity to those who wear them, which could be a special way of bringing in a lifetime of happiness for the couple. As it has been said that Travis is the most extroverted guy Taylor has been with, choosing such a unique gemstone would be aligned with his personality and the love they share.

Overall, as rumours of an engagement continue to swirl around the media, everyone is excited about the anticipation of Taylor Swift's engagement ring, especially given their status as a renowned couple globally. Will the gemstone be a beautiful moissanite, a classic diamond or something unique, like a gorgeous ruby? Every gemstone tells a different story, and whichever one Travis chooses will be a reflection of the couple, their love story and their individual style, and will undoubtedly be a beautiful symbol of their love. If you are feeling inspired by the thought of Travis and Taylor finally becoming engaged and the allure of the ring to top off the proposal, contact us today! Our team of experts are ready to help you find or create a ring that is perfect for you and your unique love story.